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Grohe Bathroom Taps

To ensure you have exceptional quality when it comes to the taps you choose, you can’t go wrong with the Grohe brand. For 140 years they have painstakingly worked on providing consumers around the world with only the best, well-tested and extremely reliable products on the market. This emphasis on quality above all else is readily apparent in the bathroom taps they manufacture, and with so many timeless attractive designs available, it’s easy to find something that will suit your tastes. Built to be strong and packed with the latest technologies, you’ll get a lifetime of use from your always stylish Grohe bathroom taps.

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Grohe Eurosmart Basin Mixer Tap with Smooth Body

Basin mixer

A great mixer at a great price. Heavy item and well made.

Trevor. Edlin

Grohe Ranges

These stunning Grohe bathroom taps come in different ranges, allowing you to choose the tap that best suits your needs. In a variety of modern designs with smooth curves and straight edges, these Grohe bathroom taps will fit in any contemporary or traditional bathroom and with solid brass bodies and a dazzling chrome finish you can't go wrong!

Bathroom Taps
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Grohe Styles

Grohe offer a range of modern bathroom taps including basin, bath mixer taps and even a bath mixer tap with shower set, allowing you to fit out your whole bathroom in the same style.

Bath Tap

Bath Mixer Taps

Working like a standard basin mixer tap but with 2 levers these bath mixer taps allow you to create the perfect temperature for your bath without too much hassle!

Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Bath Shower Mixer Taps 

Combining your shower and bath taps this type of mixer tap will allow you to achieve the perfect water temperature for your bath or shower! They do however require 2 taps holes to ensure the quality of water pressure is srong enough to fill your bath!

Basin Tap

Basin Mixers

Fed up with the water always being too hot or cold when washing your hands? Mixing together hot and cold water, you can ensure you get the best temperature for all your bathroom needs with a mixer tap.

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Grohe Features

At Plumbworld our Grohe bathroom taps have many amazing features like solid brass bodies, chrome finishes, sriking straight lines and much much more. Below is more detailed information about some of the stand out features!

Chrome Finish

Chrome Finish

Lets face it who doesn't love a chrome finish on a bathroom tap? The satisfying feeling of a shiny tap after a good clean of the bathroom is amazing and whats more they easily fit in with any bathroom colour or design.

Taps Brass Bodies

Solid Brass Bodies

These Grohe taps feature solid brass bodies, making them more durable and extending their life in damp corrosive environments such as the bathroom. Being able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, tap bodies made from brass are capable of lasting decades!

Straight Lines Tap

Straight Lines

Grohe offer you a stunning range of taps with perfect staright lines and angles which would make a great stand out feauture in any contemporary bathroom.

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