Franke VBK 110 50 Kitchen Sink White (6706 G0 01)


Franke VBK 110 50 Kitchen Sink White (6706 G0 01)

The kitchen sink is definitely the most used sink in the home. It is the centre of all cooking activity, a place to wash the dishes and numerous other things that are a daily part of housekeeping and simple general living. As such it needs to be a sink that’s going to last through the years of consistent use of the hot soapy variety. That’s why it’s an excellent choice to choose Franke, as they’re a manufacturer with other 100 years of experience in crafting the highest-quality kitchen sinks on the market today.

This gleaming white version of the Franke VBK 110-50 Kitchen Sink is the perfect addition to the contemporary kitchen that you want to look spot-on trend for years to come. This ceramic* sink is designed with lifelong style in mind and even comes with a 50-year manufacturer guarantee to cover you from any manufacturing defects. It also features a 1.0 bowl with an undermount drainer.

It’s a perfect answer to why Franke continue to lead the way in kitchen sink design.

Technical Details


  • Cabinet Size: 600mm
  • Dimensions: 550mm x 440mm
  • Bowl size: 500mm x 390mm
  • Cut-out template: Yes
CE Approved

Franke VBK 110 50 Kitchen Sink White (6706 G0 01)

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