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This is simply a fixed short panel, for use together with a shower curtain. It can be silicone sealed where it fits to the bath, in order to provide effective screening where a shower curtain cannot, because it falls within the curve of the bath.


Choosing the right kind of bath for your bathscreen

Baths must have a flat rim and should be installed with top edge horizontal. Any water that collects around the taps should then drain into the bath.

Baths must not have raised handles or soap recesses that would prevent the bath screen from providing an effective seal with the rim of the bath.

The Bathscreen should be fitted so that the seal is in contact with the inside edge of the bath.


Features and Benefits:

  • Coram Frameless Shower Curtain Screen
  • Ideal for use in any sort of bathroom suite
  • High quality corrosion resistant aluminium frame
  • Glass edges are smoothed and rounded
  • Adjustable wall profiles
  • Reversible for left or right fitting
  • Makes a shower enclosure in your bathroom
  • Coram bathscreens should be installed on baths with a flat rim
  • Shower curtain is not supplied

Dimensions :

  • 250mm width x 1400mm height
  • 4mm thick toughened safety glass
CE Approved


Coram Frameless Shower Curtain Screen - White Frame - Clear Glass

£64.99 (Inc. VAT)

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Coram Frameless Inline Panel for Shower Curtain - 250mm Width (SCS15CUW) Reviews

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4.5/ 5
13 reviews
  • Allyson May
    5/ 5

    The screen was purchased for a customer of my plumbing business. They had an issue with water from their new shower splashing between the wall and the curtain, soaking the floor. I had originally thought that I would have to ask a local glasier to custom cut a screen from toughened glass. However Plumbworld had the correct item to solve the problem. Delivery was fast and efficient, solving my customers problem in under 5 days

  • Adriel English
    5/ 5

    Problem, water mark on ceiling below bathroom. Culpret, gap between shower curtain and wall. Choice, full shower screen....can't reach taps! folding shower screen.....too awkward in a hurry! Solution....Found, I have been searching for a screen of this size to use along side the shower curtain. This certainly fills the gap, its well made, looks good and prevents leaks.

  • Sabrina Pruitt
    5/ 5

    We are very pleased with the screen. It was reasonably easy to fit and it does exactly what we want - namely, it fills the gap where the curve of our bath meant that the shower curtain failed to stop water getting on the floor. It is unobtrusive and well-designed.

  • Chumpy
    5/ 5

    This sleek screen is ideal for keeping the water in the shower curtain and not down the side of the bath. Once in installed it is easy to clean and also easy to access the bath or taps when the shower and curtain are not being used.

  • Melissa Brooks
    5/ 5

    This screen is ideal for making sure water does not get between the shower curtain & wall to wet the floor. It is far better than having a large screen which is difficult to get clean in our very hard water area.

  • Noel Franco
    5/ 5

    Screen, with bath curtain, keeps water from getting on the floor! My builder installed it and it works great!

  • Anderson Conway
    5/ 5

    nothing wrong with product - good

  • Lucian Franco
    4/ 5

    I wanted a narrow glass screen to cover a gap for my shower, which already had a low level shower screen produced by Coram a couple of years ago. This did the job and has provided an effective yet elegant adjunct to the existing screen - it also matched, which I was relieved about!

  • Landlord22
    4/ 5

    Screen was easy to install, but the wall upright would have better if predrilled. Clipped in place but gap between screen and bath was quite large and large bead of sealant was required. Perhaps better if a seal was fitted to bottom of glass against bath