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When renovating or redecorating our bathrooms we sometimes forget about the things that bug us the most, like that wobbly toilet seat! Well fear not as Ceramica have got you covered with one of these gorgeous Marseille toilet seats.

The Marseille square toilet seats benefit from a superior build-quality and a slow close hinge to stop any loud bangs or clangs if the seat is dropped. It works by slowing the closing action of the seat and lid, bringing it to a controlled close rather than letting it fall freely.

They’re made from a tough and durable thermoset plastic which has been specifically designed to be comfortable while still being scratch-resistant. It is of course finished in a high-quality white to ensure a perfect finish in your bathroom.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designer styling and finished in white
  • Comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes
  • Slow close hinge system
  • 2 year product guarantee

£29.94 (Inc. VAT)

More than 50 Available