Modern cleaning products and chrome effect bolts or nuts don’t often mix. Over time, the harsh chemicals in the cleaning products can cause the fittings to corrode or discolour, and this can completely destroy the appearance of your toilet seat. Rather than throwing out the whole seat and buying a new one, it can often be a better idea just to replace the bolts, and this is why this set of well nuts is so useful.

Simple Replacement

Designed to make replacing a toilet seat a job that even the most experienced handyman can tackle, these nuts are plenty long enough to go through toilet seats and the ceramic bowl, and hold everything securely in place. This set is suitable for holes between 13mm and 18mm in diameter and holes of more than 45mm deep. Why should you have to throw out a perfectly good toilet seat just because the nuts have seen a better day?

Specifications :

  • Min hole diameter = 13mm;
  • Max hole diameter = 18mm
  • For Blind holes, minimum hole length = 45mm
  • Supplied in pairs
CE Approved


Techincal Drawings

£19.97 (Inc. VAT)

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Bemis Well Nuts M6 Set Reviews

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4.8/ 5
8 reviews
  • Hencabin
    5/ 5

    I found it pretty difficult to find an item similar to this on other sites, but really happy with service I received here: Product matched description Value for money Prompt delivery Payment taken from account quickly - this makes a big difference when youre trying to keep track of your finances Overall, very satisfied with purchase I will definitely look here first should the need for a toilet seat or product arise!

  • RAM75
    5/ 5

    When I had to replace my toilet seat I had a problem as the fittings that come with the seat only allow to be fixed from underneath. As my toilet only allows you to fasten the seat from above, these nuts offer the perfect solution, as they expand into the hole and give a very good and strong fit...Perfect!

  • djshep1973
    5/ 5

    I ordered these Well Nuts as a previous fitter had bridged the installation of my top-fitting toilet seat, and I could not see the point of buying a new seat. The nuts were delivered quickly and did what I needed them to do.

  • Yuliana Mack
    5/ 5

    Had problems with old toilet seat slipping when in use. Tightening the fixings was difficult as access behind the toilet was a problem. These fixings are excellent, easy to use & they keep the seat stable

  • dayafter
    5/ 5

    They are what they say they are and do exactly what they are supposed to excellent quality perfect product