15 Bathroom Bargains Under £15

  1. Essentials 1 Mode Shower Head (Fits All Brands) - White

  2. Essentials Series 15 Bath Taps

  3. Croydex Classic Bathroom Light Pull

  4. Essentials Black Toilet Seat

  5. Park Lane Elmley Glass and Holder

  6. Park Lane Elmley Soap Dish

  7. Park Lane Elmley Single Towel Bar

  8. Park Lane Elmley Toilet Brush Holder

  9. Cramer Bath Scuff Removing Rubber

    Best Seller!

    Cramer Bath Scuff Removing Rubber

  10. Cramer Mineral Star

  11. Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)

  12. Cramer Tap Cleaner

  13. Hydrolux ShowerShark Glass and Surface Squeegee

  14. Manrose 100mm Standard Axial Bathroom Fan with Timer - NVF100T

  15. White Domed 50mm Shower Waste