Stuart Turner Macerators

The Bathroom Of Your Dreams - Anywhere!

The Stuart Turner Wasteflo range includes a number of macerators designed specifically to efficiently and simply pump waste water into the main sewage line. They’re ideal for domestic or light commercial use and allow you to turn old, unused space into a bathroom or kitchen. Power and sound are key when it comes to the Wasteflo range and Stuart Turner have strived to make their macerators as effective as possible while remaining quiet during operation. Design has also been focused around maintenance with multiple access points for easy cleaning and servicing.

  1. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC1 Macerator - 46626

  2. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC2 Macerator - 46575

  3. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC3 Macerator - 46576

  4. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC4C Macerator - 46653

  5. Stuart Turner Wasteflo LS5 Lifting Station - 46577

    Best Seller!

    Stuart Turner Wasteflo LS5 Lifting Station - 46577