Showermate Single Impeller Shower Pumps

If you're looking for something that's affordable but not lacking in reliabilty then a Showermate pump is the way to go. They're light and easy to install and can make all the difference with your water pressure in the bathroom. A single impeller pump is ideal for boosting the hot or cold water pressure to a single outlet like a tap or a shower. It's the easiest way to add a bit more luxury to your bathing experience!
  1. Stuart Turner 46503 Showermate Eco S2.0 Bar Single Positive Impeller Shower Pump

    Best Seller!

    Stuart Turner Showermate Eco Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Single Positive Impeller 46503

  2. Stuart Turner Showermate Standard 2.6 Bar Single Impeller Shower Pump - 46429

  3. Stuart Turner Showermate Universal Shower Pump 2.6 Bar Single Impeller - 46534