Salamander Single Impeller Pumps - Up To 2.0 Bar

Increase Your Water System Performance With A Salamander Shower Pump

If you’ve got a noticeable difference in pressure between your hot and cold water supplies at home then you may need to get a single impeller shower pump fitted. Salamander are a market leader in this field and their single impeller pumps are brilliant for boosting your hot or cold supplies. This selection is specifically for pumps with a pressure of less than 2.0 bar. This means you’ll get a small to medium boost to equal out whichever supply is weaker.

  1. Salamander CT55XTRA Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

  2. Salamander CT55+XTRA Shower Pump 1.5 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

  3. Salamander RP55PS 1.5 Bar Single Positive Head Centrifugal Shower Pump

  4. Salamander CTFORCE20PS Shower Pump 2.0 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

  5. salamander-rp55su-15-bar-single-centrifugal-shower-pump

    Best Seller!

    Salamander RP55SU 1.5 Bar Single Centrifugal Shower Pump