Monsoon Single Impeller Shower Pumps

Monsoon single impeller pumps from Stuart Turner can be used as single pumps to boost a water supply on it's own or as a set of two on a vented system to boost hot and cold supplies independently. Their flexibility allows them to be used for both positive and negative head applications. As an added bonus they also come with a flexible hoses, anti-vibration feet and a brilliant 5 year guarantee.
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  2. Stuart Turner Monsoon Standard 2.0 Bar Single Impeller Shower Pump - 46497

  3. Stuart Turner Monsoon Standard 3.0 Bar Single Impeller Shower Pump - 46419

  4. Stuart Turner Monsoon Standard 4.5 Bar Single Impeller Shower Pump - 46420

  5. Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Single Impeller Universal Shower Pump - 46413

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    Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 3.0 Bar Single Impeller Universal - 46413

  6. Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 2.0 Bar Single Impeller Shower Pump - 46498

  7. Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump 4.5 Bar Single Impeller Universal- 46414

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UK Manufacturing Heritage
Over 110 years of engineering excellence.
Operates from the same site in Henley-on-Thames where the company started in 1906.
A contributory member of the BPMA (British Pump Manufacturers Association).
The UK’s market leading manufacturer of shower pumps for over 40 years.


Continually Evolving and Innovating
Continual investment in research and development ensures Stuart Turner remains at the forefront of design technology and innovation.
Developed the domestic shower pump market in the 1970’s.
Holders of numerous patents relating to shower pump technology including GB2494485 for Flomate and GB2349908 for mainsboost.
Four additional shower pump technology patent applications currently in progress.
Engineering Patents include everything from the Milking Machine to the 650cc water cooled, two stroke motor bike between 1912 and 1913!


Every pump is manufactured from only the highest quality components and raw materials.
Each individual pump is fully tested before leaving the factory.
All whole house, bathroom and shower pumps are WRAS approved and manufactured within ISO 9001:2008.
Guarantees that lead the industry - five years for Monsoon and Mainsboost.