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Allow yourself to be whisked away into a place of complete tranquillity when you install a Mira Agile Shower. The invigorating yet relaxing flow of water provides 3 times more power than any other mixer shower on the market, making it a great way to start your day or a place to go when looking to unwind after a long hard day at the office. Featuring a large range of different designs from the EV+ to ERD+ models, each shower is built to perfection to bring you the shower that is not only super stylish but extremely functional too!

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  2. Mira Agile S Eco EV Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - 1.1736.400

  3. Mira Agile S Exposed Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower - Chrome

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  4. Mira Agile EV+ Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - 1.1928.007

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    Mira Agile ERD+ Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - 1.1928.001

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  6. Mira Agile Sense ERD+ Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - 1.1928.002

  7. Mira Agile Store EV+ Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - 1.1928.004

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Introducing our new Mira Agile range of mixer showers

We've carefully considered each and every aspect of our new mixer showers - from the smallest details of design to the whole shower experience - to bring you the UK's smallest and most powerful mixers. The entire range features our revolutionary Magni-flo™ technology which provides up to 3x more flow than any other mixer on the market. Just another example of our pursuit of shower perfection...

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Performance that's impossible not to consider

The new Mira Agile range features Magni-flo™ technology for unbeatable performance. If you're familiar with the full Mira mixer range you'll also be familiar with Magni-flo™, our patented revolutionary technology which allows our mixer showers to provide up to 3 times more flow than a regular mixer, even at low pressure!

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Shower Handset

The shower handset which is supplied with these showers is extremely practical and can be removed from the handle and used by hand, this is a handy feature for when you’re washing little ones who just simply won’t stay still!

Drencher Head

For a more luxurious showering experience, we do also offer showers that come with a large 200mm showerhead as well as the separate handset. This allows for a greater showering experience

Chrome Finish

All shower units are finished in a dazzling chrome that not only looks fantastic, but is also super simple to clean due to its smooth surface.

Easy to Clean Rubber Nozzles

Easy clean rubber nozzles are found the showerheads, which aid in limescale removal – allowing you to keep your shower looking as fresh as the day you purchased it, even after years of use.

Mira Agile Handset
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Mira Agile Valve

Thermostatic Valve

All Mira Agile Showers are thermostatic. While a thermostatic mixer shower sounds very existing, you may be wondering what one actually is… A thermostatic mixer shower features a valve which carefully controls how the hot and cold water supplies are mixed and will adjust these supplies accordingly to the heat of the water – to put it simply, these showers will also maintain a steady and safe temperature, no matter what else is happening in the house.


Stunning Chrome Finish

The dazzling chrome finish makes all of the Mira Agile Showers extremely versatile and will look fantastic in any style of bathroom, giving a clean and fresh appearance. The rounded design of these showers will continue to give your bathroom a minimalistic feel. 


Easy to Use Controls 

The valve features a separate flow and temperature controls so you can easily achieve your perfect shower. Whether you'd like a low-pressure cool shower to refresh you or a hot and powerful shower to leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the day ahead, Mira Agile showers are perfect for you and your family.

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Create the perfect shower for you

Unique to the new Mira Agile is a range of fantastic, contemporary accessories designed to help you create a shower that is tailored to you and your needs.

Mira Agile Cleanse Accessory

Mira Sense

Displays time and temperature on a sleek LCD screen for precise control and enhanced showering.

Mira Store

A clever storage capsule and soap dish in one simple design providing the ultimate in convenience.

Mira Park

A simple yet elegant resting place for your Mira showerhead when it's not in use.


*Not compatible with the Mira Agile S EV

Mira Cleanse

A high quality handmade ceramic pump dispenser designed to keep your shower gel or shampoo close to hand.

Spanner-free installation. Now that's really something to consider...

The Mira Agile doesn't just look beautiful, it has also been designed with installation in mind. It comes complete with pipe and tiling templates as well as patented in valve push-fit connections; making it perfect for DIYers.

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