Mira Electric Showers 8.7kW and below

In our range of Mira Electric Showers 8.5kW and below you’ll find a selection of showers to suit almost any home. They’ve been designed specifically with modern bathrooms in mind, using clean, fluid lines and a neutral white finishes. They’re not just affordable to buy either, they’re cheap to run due to their lower kilowatt ratings sapping less power than a larger shower. We would always advise that you check with a qualified electrician before purchasing an electric shower to ensure it’s compatible with your electrical circuit.

  1. Mira Vie Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

  2. Mira Jump Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

  3. Mira Meta Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

  4. Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White & Chrome

  5. mira-advance-electric-shower-87kw-11785001

    Best Seller!

    Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.7kW - 1.1785.001

  6. Mira Advance Flex Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.7kW - 1.1785.003

  7. Mira Advance Flex Extra Thermostatic Electric Shower 8.7kW - 1.1785.005