Stuart Turner CH Pumps

If you need a pump with a superior, high flow rate, then you’re definitely in the right place! The CH range of Stuart Turner pumps are a centrifugal, horizontal, multistage pump which are built to an extremely high standard for performance and reliability. They can pump up to 160 litres per minute and with heads up to 62 metres! They come in a huge array of sizes and types to ensure every application is catered for, too.

Designed for both domestic and commercial properties, the Stuart Turner CH Pump range is perfectly suited as the main base unit for pressure-boosting sets. The Stuart Turner Pump is the ideal choice where an application has a long pipe running, or when elevated flow rates are required.

The Stuart Turner CH Pump is made from high-quality materials, ensuring they will stand the test of time and usage. Constructed from sturdy materials including brass, you can feel confident in the knowledge that when you purchase a Stuart Turner CH Pump, you’re buying a pump that will last for years to come. For some added reassurance and peace of mind, these pumps come with a fantastic guarantee if the worst should happen, and your pump doesn’t perform as expected.

The Stuart Turner CH Pumps come in 4 different variations: the CH 4-30, CH 4-40, CH 4-50 and CH 4-60. Each of these pumps is designed with enhanced functionality in mind, made to handle water temperatures from 4°C and 65°C! That means they are perfect for dealing with both hot and cold water applications. With a maximum flow rate capability of 160 litres, it’s clear to see why a Stuart Turner CH Pump is the ideal choice.

Each of our Stuart Turner CH Pumps reaches a high-quality standard and is compliant with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and CE accredited, so you can have confidence that these pumps have been fully tested and approved regarding safety and efficiency. 

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