Mira Electric Showers 9.5kW

Mira haven’t become one of the most popular British brands in showering for no reason, after more than 40 years they know everything there is to know about creating the perfect shower and their range of 9.5kW electric showers proves this point brilliantly. Their modern styling makes them perfect for installation in any contemporary bathroom and the added bonus of a higher kilowatt rating means you’ll get more power at the touch of a button. If you’re unsure on compatibility please check with a qualified electrician.

  1. mira-enthuse-electric-shower-95kw-white-chrome-11798002

    Best Seller!

    Mira Enthuse Electric Shower 9.5KW White & Chrome - 1.1798.002

  2. Mira Vie Electric Shower 9.5kW White & Chrome

  3. Mira Jump Electric Shower 9.5kW White & Chrome

  4. Mira Meta Electric Shower 9.5kW White & Chrome