Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories

Sometimes there’s barely enough room in your bathroom or cloakroom to be able to walk, and the last thing you want to do is clog the floor with even more clutter. That’s where wall mounted bathroom accessories come into their own league as they can be attached to a wall of your choice using a variety of fixing methods – some of which don’t include drilling through tiles! The range of wall mounted accessories at Plumbworld ensures you’ll be able to completely kit out your bathroom with quality fittings to improve storage, functionality and style. Choose from soap dishes, toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, towel rails and much, much more...

  1. Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessory Ranges

    Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessory Ranges

    105 products
    From £6.99
  2. Toilet Roll Holders

    Toilet Roll Holders

    18 products
    From £12.97
  3. Robe Hooks

    Robe Hooks

    20 products
    From £6.99
  4. Shower Soap Dish - Soap Dishes

    Soap Dishes

    10 choices
    From £9.00
  5. bathroom Tumblers

    Bathroom Tumblers

    14 choices
    From £7.99
  6. Towel Rings

    Towel Rings

    11 choices
    From £9.99
  7. Towel Rails

    Towel Rails

    15 products
    From £12.97
  8. Glass Shelves

    Glass Shelves

    6 choices
    From £29.95
  9. Shower Caddies Shower Caddy

    Shower Caddies

    22 products
    From £11.99
  10. hair-dryer-holders

    Hair Dryer Holders

    1 choices
    From £29.99
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