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Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

It’s becoming quite popular to transform unused spaces into fully functioning bathrooms so we think it’s important to have a comprehensive range of vanity units and toilets that can be installed in any size room no matter the space available. We’ve got modern bundles, traditional bundles, white bundles, grey bundles and of course bundles specifically for small rooms. So no matter your requirements we will have something to suit. Our range caters for every bathroom scenario and as an added bonus all the units come with undersink storage to hide away any bathroom accessories that you wouldn’t want on display.

  1. modern-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Modern Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

    59 products
    From £154.97
  2. traditional-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Traditional Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

    10 choices
    From £209.00
  3. white-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    White Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

    25 products
    From £154.97
  4. grey-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Grey Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

    34 products
    From £199.00
  5. small-cloakroom-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Small Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

    6 choices
    From £154.97