Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

If you are looking for a way to save space in your bathroom, have you considered a toilet and sink vanity unit? Whether you are installing a new bathroom suite into a small area, or even want to increase storage space in your master suite, toilet vanity units can combine your toilet, basin and vanity together into one easy-to-install compact package. 

Toilet vanity units at Plumbworld

Discover the best range of toilet vanity units right here at Plumbworld. Available in a range of styles, from sleek and modern to the timeless and traditional, you will find nothing but the best quality. Choose from glossy white finishes, beautiful neutral greys and bold charcoal toilet vanity units to complete your colour scheme in style. Shop our excellent wide range today to find just what you need at the lowest price online.

  1. modern-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Modern Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

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    From £219.97
  2. traditional-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Traditional Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

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    From £299.97
  3. white-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    White Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

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    From £219.97
  4. grey-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Grey Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

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    From £299.00
  5. small-cloakroom-vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Small Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

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    From £229.97
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