Sliding Shower Door Enclosures

The sliding shower door is without doubt one of the most stunning functional enclosure doors out there and is only made better by its compatibility to fit into both alcoves and full enclosures. As the name suggests, a sliding shower door operates by sliding back and forth thanks to the use of rollers and a long door width. One side of the door slides inside the other half, providing simple functionality and a wide entrance. If you can afford to have a shower enclosure on the larger side but don’t want to compromise space inside or outside of the enclosure, this is the perfect type of door for you.

  1. 1000mm-sliding-shower-door-enclosures

    1000mm Sliding Shower Door Enclosures

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  2. 1100mm-sliding-shower-door-enclosures

    1100mm Sliding Shower Door Enclosures

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  3. 1200mm-sliding-shower-door-enclosures

    1200mm Sliding Shower Door Enclosures

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  4. 1400mm-sliding-shower-door-enclosures

    1400mm Sliding Shower Door Enclosures

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