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Triton Alfie Shower Kit - Chrome

Impressive look shower rail

I bought this as a a replacement for a very similar looking Triton shower rail thinking it would just screw in to the same holes on my shower wall - wrong. Thinner tubing has been used and also the holes were a different distant apart, so annoyingingly I had to re-drill a hole to get it to fit, it otherwise looks identical and does look and feel solid and luxurious. Ive used it without the soap dish which frankly just drips an annoying mess onto the shower tray - but at least that is my optional choice. The part that wears out is the plastic flange on the shower holder height adjuster, this will eventually fall apart, so I anticipate having to replace the rail again in a few years. Overall still a good shower rail choice.


Mira Eco Water Saving Adjustable Mode Shower Head Chrome

Quality ShowerHead!!!

Are you looking to buy a shower-head giving you the experience of those available in a 5-star hotel!!! If you are looking for a Quality shower-head, then take my advise and stop your search here. Before buying this shower-head, I always wondered whats the difference between a low cost shower-head and a feature-laden branded product like this one. It really saves energy as it says since it needs very little hot water supply which would save energy cost in the longer run. The shower it produces is very continuous and comfy compared to *other* shower-heads. It comes with additional screw-valve to control the speed of water flow which is quite handy. Absolutely no problem so far even after using it over a month...


Mira Slide Rail Brackets - Clamp Bracket (411.23)

Shower Bracket!

As always from Plumworld quick service and easy look up on the pc. I moved to my new house 11 years ago and I have been delighted with my Mira Showers that were placed in the bathrooms. However parts do not last forever and with a full house using things all the time they do need replacing now and again. The showers are one of the few things that I have found to be able to get parts for easily and swiftly, with other appliances having to be replaced because parts are hard to find or simply not available. If it is to do with plumbing though Plumworld always come through well. Keep up the good work Plumworld your company is a rarity these days!

Ignacio Vazquez

Mira Nectar Shower Fittings Kit with 1.75m Hose - Chrome

Surprisingly good shower kit

After complaints from the tallest member of the family that they couldn't get under the newly installed fixed-point shower head, I chose this Mira product for use with a bath mixer tap. It looks good, and has ample movement to accommodate tall and short alike. But the best was yet to come! The performance of my gravity-fed shower had been poor, and I had considered installing a pump to boost the pressure. However, because the internal bore of the Mira flexible hose is considerably larger than the one it replaced, this has resulted in a much improved flow, and a really satisfying shower experience.

Jovany Perkins

Mira 722 Spares Temp.Regulating Assembly (800.01)

Ancient shower unit gets life extension

Mixer shower is 42 years old. I fixed original regulating assembly several times but the important bits wore or rusted out eventually. If they had used brass screws instead of steel and a brass cog instead of plastic it would have lasted for ever! Local plumbing suppliers did not have the part, but Google brought me to Plumbworld. Website was easy to use and the part was delivered in two days. Due to inflation it cost as much as the entire mixer shower did in 1967! Item is easy to install, just needs screwdriver and spanner, though it is a good idea to make sure the scale is centred before final tightening. Item is a classic design, well made, and gives quick and precise control of water temperature from mixer unit.

Davin Mcdaniel