Plastic Toilet Seats

Plastic Toilet Seats - Thermoplastic, ABS and Other Space Age Materials

White"Plastic" toilet seats have long been the standard in bathrooms and cloakrooms. Plastic might create mental images of a flimsy material that scratches and cracks easily and bends under pressure, but when it comes to toilet seats this couldn't be further from the truth. The heavyweight thermoplastic used to make modern seats is rigid, durable, easy to clean, scratch resistant and warm to the touch. Some designs even incorporate anti-bacterial materials to ensure that your toilet seat is one of the most hygienic places in the home! Whether you go for a budget model with plastic hinges or a rolls royce with stainless steel hinges and a soft close mechnism you can be sure that a "plastic" toilet seat is a great choice.
  1. Essentials Light Weight White Toilet Seat

  2. Ceramica Marseille Soft Close Square Toilet Seat

  3. Affine Royan Soft Close Fast-Release Square Toilet Seat

  4. Croydex Flexi-Fix Constance Thermoset Plastic Toilet Seat White

  5. Carrara & Matta 9700 Dripguard Anti Bacterial White Toilet Seat

  6. Affine Oceane Soft Close Toilet Seat

  7. Bemis 3900 White Toilet Seat

  8. Croydex Flexi-Fix Eyre D-Shaped Thermoset Plastic Toilet Seat White

  9. Ceramica Arles Soft Close Toilet Seat

  10. Affine Vienne Soft Close Square Toilet Seat

  11. Ceramica Tivoli Soft Close Toilet Seat

  12. Carrara & Matta Gap Sta-Tite White Toilet Seat

  13. Ceramica Arles Luxury Thermoset Slow Close Toilet Seat

  14. Affine Amelie Soft Close Square Toilet Seat

    Best Seller!

    Affine Amelie Soft Close Square Toilet Seat

  15. Affine Bordeaux Soft Close Toilet Seat

  16. Bemis 4403 Alba Silentium Soft Close White Toilet Seat