Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

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Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

You’ve probably heard of the Mira Sport, especially if you’ve ever done a search for a great value shower with excellent performance, and you may have as you’ve ended up here! The Mira Sport has consistently kept the title of Britain’s Best Selling Shower and you don’t get such a lofty title without ensuring your shower is top of the class.

But why is it so great? It’s the invigorating feeling you get as a powerful flow hits your body. It’s that morning wake-up call or that refreshing shower after a hard day at work. It’s the incredible lifespan thanks to the latest in technological improvements. It’s the simple to use controls that all the family can appreciate.

Every feature of the Mira Sport is carefully designed with you firmly in mind. Choose your perfect shower and look forward to it for years to come. This is the way that the electric shower was always meant to be.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easily compliments a contemporary bathroom design with a white/chrome finish.
  • Sleek, slimline build that makes it a superb fit for a shower enclosure.
  • Simple indicators that display power and low-flow.
  • Got a favourite setting? It will be remembered so that you can get right back to your ideal shower as soon as you turn the shower back on.
  • Fed up of limescale? Clearscale™ technology fights back by slashing limescale build-up in half so you get better performance and a longer lifespan.
  • Boost flow performance all year-round with Opti-flo™ technology. This gives you up to 50% more water flow than other electric showers on the market.
  • One of the safest showers available – Sensi-flo™ technology removes the risk of scalding by turning off heating elements if it measures a reduction or failure in flow or inlets become blocked.
  • Keep it clean and help it last longer with ease – rub-clean nozzles on the shower head helps to break down any limescale deposits.
  • Phased shutdown increases shower safety – hot water is flushed before the shower shuts off so that the shower is safe for whoever uses it next.

Includes the following:

  • Shower fittings.
  • A luxurious adjustable spray handset with three spray patterns. Have a different shower every time!
  • Also includes a clamp bracket, soap dish, shower hose, hose retaining ring/gel hook and slide bar.
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty that gives you access to a dedicated Mira helpline and responding engineers.

Key Technical Information:

  • Power rating: 9kW.
  • Compatible with mains cold supply.
  • Minimum maintained inlet pressure: 0.7 bar.
  • Left hand feed water inlet.
  • Maximum static inlet pressure: 10 bar.
  • Simple installation process with multiple cable and water entry points.

Wondering if this shower will work in your home? Click below to read our guide on the type of showers you can use with your homes water system.

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Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

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Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome Reviews

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4.8/ 5
466 reviews
  • Helen Tedder
    5/ 5

    We were in desperate need of a new shower as ours wouldnt switch off. I wanted a Mira Sport to replace the one we already had, but not many places had them. I was thrilled to find Plumbworld had them, and placed the order, which was easy to do as the website is really clear. The goods arrived later than the delivery company said, but that is no fault of plumbworld or the shower. Plumber-elec came swapped it over in 15 minutes - Fitted - Job done. It does what it says it will, and having had this model before Im still really pleased with its performance. I also wanted this model because we live in a hard water area and Mira are the only company who have a special coating on the inside that prevents lime scale build up and therefore your shower lasts longer. Our old Mira had been in the house when we arrived 9 years ago. I dont know how long it had been in before then, but a shower that last 10 years in this day is a good one. Would recommend the make and Plumbworld.

  • CS
    5/ 5

    My original Mira Sport 9KW shower started playing up after about 9 years of use. I wanted a replacement which would involve the minimum of fuss. I was delighted to discover that Mira still did this model, with only a couple of minor cosmetic tweaks to the front plate design. The layout of the water and electric in-points was identical to my old shower and even the pitch of the mounting screw holes was the same, meaning installation was very straightforward. The shower is powerful enough for us, with supply straight from the mains. Hopefully it gives us as good an innings as our previous one. Id highly recommend this unit to anyone looking to replace an older version with new. Also, the order tracking information and delivery accuracy provided by the delivery agent was excellent.

  • Samantha Graves
    5/ 5

    I'm yet another customer wanting to replace a (sadly deceased) Mira Sport for another. As expected, fitting was a doddle as the fixings are completely unchanged - hardest part of the job was turning the water off! They're great showers these - reliable, excellent value (especially from Plumbworld) and powerful. Can't ask for more than that to be fair. Add the fact that the shower turned up swiftly and in perfect condition and I'm very happy. I was fed up after the old one expired but needn't have worried about the cost or fitting. It was (relatively) cheap and I ended up fitting it myself because it turned out to be so easy - just an adjustable spanner and a Phillips screwdriver and it was job jobbed. One very happy, clean Bunny.

  • The Village Plumber
    5/ 5

    My customer specified this product and I had to find it at a reasonable price, which I did on the Plumbworld website. The product is well packed with comprehensive fitting instructions and even a wall template to aid in positioning. A good quality finish and very easy to fit, I would recommend this unit to anyone wanting a good electric shower. This was used to replace a Dolphin bathrooms shower that had failed so all the wiring was already in place. The pipework can be hidden completely thanks to the swivel joint on the shower that allows you to face it backwards as well as up & down.

  • Kirmo
    5/ 5

    When our last Mira Sport shower failed after many years of faithful service we looked at what was available today. There are newer showers with new features, but interestingly new features just create additional problems, both for the installer and the user. After reading many reviews it became clear the the new Mira Sport with only cosmetic changes, was as good as the old. The other influencing factor was it was easy to replace the old one. Same connections. I installed it the morning I received it. Plumbworld had the best price and delivery was extremely fast and efficient.