Honeywell Thermostats

Better Performing Heating Systems with Honeywell Thermostats

This range of analogue and digital programmable Honeywell thermostats ensure the automatically timed control of your home temperature by regulating the flow of hot water from the boiler to the radiators or underfloor heating system. They are available in both wireless and hard wired configurations ensuring both comfort and energy efficiency by putting you in control of your heating system. Each Honeywell thermostat comes complete with installation instructions and a user manual.

  1. Honeywell T6360B SPDT Room Thermostat

    Best Seller!

    Honeywell T6360B SPDT Room Thermostat

  2. Honeywell Cylinder Stat - L641A Thermostat

  3. Honeywell Digital Room T/Stat With ECO Feature DT90E1012

  4. Honeywell Pipe Stat Low Limit L641B1004

  5. Honeywell Pipe Stat High Limit

  6. Honeywell CM727 SI Prog Room Stat 7Day Wire Less CMT727D1016

  7. Honeywell Wireless Room T/Stat With ECO Feature DT92E1000

  8. Honeywell Wireless Analogue Room Stat Y6630D1007

  9. Honeywell CM907 7 Day Prog Stat CMT907A1041

  10. Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat

  11. Honeywell T4R Wireless 5/2 Day Prog Stat

  12. Honeywell Lyric T6 Wired Smart Thermostat Y6H910WF1011

  13. Honeywell Lyric T6 Wireless Smart Prog Stat Y6H910RW4022

  14. Honeywell Sundial RF2 (4 Pack) Y9120W1000

  15. Honeywell CM927 RF Prog Room Stat 7Day Wire Less CMT927A1049

  16. Honeywell Sundial RF2 2 Channel Htg Pack

  17. Honeywell Sundial RF2 Pack 1

  18. Honeywell Evohome Wi-Fi Connected T/Stat Pack ATP921R3100