Honeywell Home Thermostats

Comfort meets convenience with Honeywell Home thermostats. We know how important it is to keep our homes nice and warm, especially during the colder months, and that’s why here at Plumbworld, we offer a range of Honeywell Home Thermostats, offering a collection of analogue and digital programmable thermostats which will easily have your home temperature under control. Boasting advanced technology and modern features, the Honeywell thermostat does the clever stuff for you by managing the hot water flow from your boiler to your radiators or underfloor heating system.

The Honeywell Wireless thermostat gives you that extra bit of freedom. While each Honeywell Home thermostat is incredibly easy to use, you'll also get easy-to-follow installation instructions and a user manual, making the setup a breeze.

As always with Plumbworld, we've got you covered with our lowest price guarantee. Plus, when you're ready to order, we offer free and next-day delivery options to get your thermostat to you exactly when you want it. Now that’s control. 

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