Gainsborough Electric Showers

Gainsborough showers were first produced by the Woodley family in Birmingham during the seventies. The products started out as 5, 6 and 7kW heaters and were far flung from the exquisitely designed, technologically advanced showers we see now. Today the company is part of the highly respectable Aqualisa brand and operate from Kent.

There are numerous variations of Gainsborough shower to suit any domestic requirements and we have the best selection of these readily available to purchase here at Plumbworld. Not only are our prices incredible because we only sell online but you'll also receive the peace of mind of buying a branded shower like Gainsborough. They're after sales service and technical team are second to none and will assist you with any queries you might have.

  1. gainsborough-85kw-cse-electric-shower-satin-chrome-97554044

    Gainsborough 8.5kw CSE Electric Shower Satin Chrome - 97554044

  2. gainsborough-95kw-se-electric-shower-white-97554042

    Gainsborough 9.5kw SE Electric Shower White - 97554042

  3. gainsborough-95kw-cse-electric-shower-satin-chrome-97554045

    Gainsborough 9.5kw CSE Electric Shower Satin Chrome - 97554045

  4. gainsborough-105kw-cse-electric-shower-satin-chrome-97554046

    Gainsborough 10.5kw CSE Electric Shower Satin Chrome - 97554046

  5. gainsborough-stanza-85kw-electric-shower-white-98221010

    Gainsborough Stanza 8.5kw Electric Shower White - 98221010

  6. gainsborough-stanza-95kw-electric-shower-white-98221011

    Gainsborough Stanza 9.5kw Electric Shower White - 98221011

  7. gainsborough-85kw-se-electric-shower-white-97554041

    Gainsborough 8.5kw SE Electric Shower White - 97554041

  8. gainsborough-85kw-e50-electric-shower-white-e508521

    Gainsborough 8.5kw E50 Electric Shower White - E50.8521

  9. gainsborough-85kw-gse-electric-shower-graphite-97554047

    Gainsborough 8.5kw GSE Electric Shower Graphite - 97554047

  10. gainsborough-85kw-e75-electric-shower-whitechrome-e758521

    Gainsborough 8.5kw E75 Electric Shower White/Chrome- E75.8521