Croydex Stick 'n' Lock Range

Bathroom accessories can be tricky to fit. Drilling through tiles, fiddling with grub screws, it can be a real faff! The Croydex Stick ‘n’ Lock range of bathroom accessories is something else though, with high-grip suction pads securing your accessories you don’t need any DIY knowledge to get luxury accessories fitted in no time at all.

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  1. croydex-stick-n-lock-towel-ring-qm291541

    Croydex Stick 'n' Lock Towel Ring - QM291541

    Was £ 19.94

    Save 17%

    £ 16.49

    In Stock
  2. croydex-lomond-stick-n-lock-family-training-toilet-seat-white-wl112222h

    Croydex Lomond Stick 'n' Lock Family Training Toilet Seat White - WL112222H

    Was £ 37.98

    Save 11%

    £ 33.91

    In Stock
  3. croydex-hilier-stick-n-lock-d-shape-family-training-toilet-seat-white-wl112322h

    Croydex Hilier Stick 'n' Lock D-Shape Family Training Toilet Seat White - WL112322H

    Was £ 44.95

    Save 15%

    £ 38.00

    In Stock
  4. croydex-stick-n-lock-robe-hook-qm291741

    Croydex Stick 'n' Lock Robe Hook - QM291741

  5. croydex-stick-n-lock-toilet-roll-holder-qm291141

    Croydex Stick 'n' Lock Toilet Roll Holder - QM291141

    Was £ 16.16

    Save 10%

    £ 14.62

    13 Days From Order
  6. croydex-stick-n-lock-corner-basket-qm295941

    Croydex Stick 'n' Lock Corner Basket - QM295941