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Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Alpine White

Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Alpine White

79 reviews

£34.02 (Inc. VAT)

50+ available


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The Quick & Easy Way To Fix Your Chipped Bath, Sink or Shower Tray

It can happen to anyone, something heavy slips from your fingers and falls into the bath or sink with a crash. You look down to find your beautiful bathroom ruined by an ugly chip.

Until recently your only choices were to live with the damage or fork out a small fortune on buying and fitting a replacement. (If you could even find a plumber to do the work!)

But now, there is a better option. Simply buy a Cramer bath repair kit, follow the simple instructions and your bathroom and bathroom accessories will be as good as new.

Your Cramer bath repair kit has been designed to be used by anyone, regardless of experience and comes complete with easy to follow, step by step instructions.

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Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Alpine White Video


Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Alpine White

Cramer Scratch and Chip Repair Kit Alpine White

£34.02 (Inc. VAT)

Stock status: 50+ available

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79 Product Reviews

  • Aiyana Elliott
    5/ 5

    This product is very easy to use and produces an excellent result. It arrived quickly in the post and was well packaged. The chip fixer comprises of a two compounds that need to be mixed together to create a cement that fills the chip. The most difficult part is working out a ratio of 30:1 as I only needed a small amount to fill a small chip. They very kindly provide you with a mixing pallet knife and I just guessed the ratio and it worked. It only takes 30 minutes to harden before you use the aerosol paint spray to spray the enamel layer on. I found it hard to create a totally smooth surface but it has since worn smooth and the chip is almost impossible to find. I would recommend this product because a bath chip can quickly get worse and it is cheaper than having to replace the bath. It is pricy, but cheaper than a new bath or shower tray in the end.

  • Nicky Lamb (Mrs)
    5/ 5

    Husband chipped shower tray accidentally - air was blue! Having had a great service from Plumbworld with an order of shower sealant remover, new sealant and tools for applying same.. I immediately got on line and found this Cramer scratch and repair kit. After a bit of moaning, having wanted to fill the chip with sealant and about having a wife who demands the right tools for the job, he got on with the job and was hugely impressed at both ease of use and result... slightly whiter than the tray colour, but it looks like new and apart from the colour difference you can neither see the join or feel and difference of surface and join. Brilliant product - Highly recommend it.

  • Alice
    5/ 5

    Recently bought a house with a lovely double belfast kitchen sink... with a huge, ugly chip in the middle partition that had been badly glued back into place. Thanks to this handy kit it now looks good as new - I'm delighted. As others have noted, it's tricky to guess the ratio of the hardener but I suspect accuracy isn't critical. I'd also recommend having some extra fine-grain sandpaper to hand unless your chip is absolutely tiny, as you don't get much in the kit. Be careful to spray from the recommended distance and not to mask directly on the surface for an even finish that hides any imperfection in the colour match.

  • Marcel Kennedy
    5/ 5

    I used the product to repair a small gouge/scratch on a fiberglass bath. The damaced area is now as good as new with no sign of a repair. I was advised by the manufacturer to put masking tape around the damaged area before using the filler to prevent over spread and oversanding on the small repair and this worked well. This advise is not included in the instructions. One problem is that the filler and hardener have to be mixed in a ratio of 30:1. This is very difficult to judge particularly when mixing a small amount. Some form of measure would be useful.

  • Natalie Liu
    5/ 5

    Like many of us at the moment every penny counts. This is why I always go to my money grabbing and rip off plumbing merchant to source my product. Once this task has been completed, I simply retrun back home and log on to Plumbworld and order. On this occassion Rip off Plumbers Merchant price was £35 and Plumbworld price was £20 plus a couple of quid postage. This equates to a massive saving in my eyes for a few clicks of the mouse. Well done James Hickman for sourcing your product so cheaply and managing to sell it to the public for an acceptable price.

  • Jabari Conway
    5/ 5

    The shower head fell off its hook and left a large chip in the shower tray. A quick google uncovered this gem of a product that contained all I needed to fill the hole and save a fortune. The instructions are clear and it really is easy to use. The inclusion of the paint spray is a nice touch that has finished the job off perfectly. Yes, it's £20 but how much will a plumber charge to buy and fit a new tray?