Contemporary Freestanding Baths

Make the Ultimate Statement in your Bathroom

The ultimate in luxury, a freestanding bath will always make a great statement and talking point in any bathroom. If your aim is to root your bathroom firmly in the modern age, combining it with a luxury worth paying for, then a contemporary freestanding bath is for you. We have one of the largest ranges of contemporary freestanding baths on the market, with an incredible array of designs, shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. Their fully reinforced construction and exceptional attention to detail means that you’ll be enjoying these baths for years to come; both when you’re sat in one and also when you’re simply appreciating the big part they play in your luxury bathroom design.

  1. Affine Evettes Freestanding Bath 1690mm with Built-In Waste

  2. Affine Montriond Freestanding Bath 1555mm with Built-In Waste

  3. Affine Campana Freestanding Bath 1595mm with Built-In Waste

  4. Affine Blanc Freestanding Bath 1700mm with Built-In Waste

  5. Affine Corbeaux Freestanding Bath 1660mm with Built-In Waste

  6. Affine Montriond Freestanding Bath 1800mm with Built-In Waste

    Best Seller!

    Affine Montriond Freestanding Bath 1800mm with Built-In Waste