Central Heating Treatment Products

Your central heating is incredibly important, which is why you should look after it. These central heating cleaning products have been carefully selected for you to clean, protect and maintain your central heating system.

One such central heating cleaning product at Plumbworld are filters which catch unwanted debris and sludge. This, combined with a central heating system cleaner, helps prevent further damage by removing potential clogs and blockages. At Plumbworld, you will find central heating cleaners by leading brands, such as Fernox, Adey and Sentinel.

Shop our range of central heating additives and filters online at Plumbworld now to enjoy low prices with free next-day delivery available!

  1. Central Heating Filters

    Central Heating Filters

    3 choices
    From £89.48
  2. sentinel-products

    Sentinel Products

    9 choices
    From £16.90
  3. adey-products

    Adey Products

    6 choices
    From £22.07
  4. Fernox


    7 choices
    From £21.93
  5. Central Heating Inhibitor/Protector

    Central Heating Inhibitor/Protector

    6 choices
    From £22.07
  6. Central Heating System Cleaner

    Central Heating System Cleaner

    3 choices
    From £22.98
  7. Central Heating Leak Sealing Products

    Central Heating Leak Sealing Products

    2 choices
    From £16.90
  8. Central Heating Limescale Remedies

    Central Heating Limescale Remedies

    1 choices
    From £21.93
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