Bath & Shower Seals

Refresh Your Seals & Keep Your Bathroom Dry

Do you ever get out the shower or the bath to find a lagoon of water covering the floor? It sounds silly but some older bathscreens and shower enclosures aren’t great at stopping the water getting past which is why you have our range of Bath & Shower Seals. They’re designed to fit around the outside of shower trays or to provide a new seal along the bottom of bathscreens to keep things watertight and dry elsewhere in the bathroom.

  1. Byretech ScreenSeal Translucent

  2. Byretech ScreenSeal MAX Universal Bath Screen Seal White

  3. ShowerSeal Ultra 10

  4. Byretech BathSeal Ultra 10 Rectangular

    Best Seller!

    Byretech BathSeal Ultra 10 Rectangular - (2m x 1m Max Size)

  5. Byretech BathSeal Ultra 10 Corner - (2m x 2m Max Size)