Basin Furniture Units

A basin incorporated into a vanity unit doesn’t just look great. It’s a clever way to give your bathroom some extra storage without having to buy extra bathroom furniture and find somewhere in the bathroom to put it. Particularly important when your bathroom is small and you don’t have a lot of space after the other parts of the bathroom suite are in place. Our range of bathroom sink cabinets combine contemporary basins with a range of sizes, styles and colours of vanity units so you can easily find one to match your tastes. Whether you prefer vanity units with drawers or cupboards, there’s plenty of room to store those items that can quickly clutter up your personal space – all at one simple price!

  1. floor-standing-basin-sink-units

    Floor Standing Basin & Sink Units

    84 products
    From £74.97
  2. Wall Hung Basin & Sink Units

    Wall Hung Basin & Sink Units

    9 choices
    From £74.97
  3. White Bathroom Vanity Units

    White Bathroom Vanity Units

    58 products
    From £69.97
  4. grey-bathroom-vanity-units

    Grey Bathroom Vanity Units

    51 products
    From £79.97
  5. vanity-unit-toilet-suites

    Vanity Unit & Toilet Suites

    71 products
    From £149.97
  6. Wood Bathroom Vanity Units

    Wood Bathroom Vanity Units

    24 products
    From £74.97
  7. countertop-vanity-units

    Countertop Vanity Units

    29 products
    From £214.97
  8. small-cloakroom-vanity-units

    Small Cloakroom Vanity Units

    26 products
    From £69.97
  9. combined-vanity-units-with-toilet

    Combined Vanity Units With Toilet

    57 products
    From £164.97
  10. wall-hung-vanity-units

    Wall Hung Vanity Units

    26 products
    From £74.97
  11. Traditional Bathroom Vanity Units

    Traditional Bathroom Vanity Units

    17 products
    From £134.97
  12. modern-vanity-units

    Modern Vanity Units

    102 products
    From £69.97
  13. bayswater-vanity-units

    Bayswater Vanity Units

    18 products
    From £471.37
  14. blue-bathroom-vanity-units

    Blue Bathroom Vanity Units

    4 choices
    From £319.99