Basin & Toilet Suites

Ensuite bathrooms or utility rooms may be small, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on well-designed bathroom suites. Our collection of cloakroom suites puts sensational design alongside functionality to really turn your new bathroom into a gorgeous and useable space. Pick from a range of contemporary designs, such as unique boxed rim toilets and striking gloss white basins, all made from high quality ceramic. Also available are a number of traditional designs if you prefer a more classic look in your ensuite. Includes both small and large suites for the perfect fit in your bathroom.
  1. Modern Basin & Toilet Suites

    Modern Basin & Toilet Suites

    85 products
    From £89.97
  2. Traditional Basin & Toilet Suites

    Traditional Basin & Toilet Suites

    22 products
    From £199.97
  3. full-pedestal-basin-toilet-suites

    Full Pedestal Basin & Toilet Suites

    21 products
    From £89.97
  4. semi-pedestal-basin-toilet-suites

    Semi Pedestal Basin & Toilet Suites

    5 choices
    From £204.97
  5. toilet-basin-combination-units

    Toilet & Basin Combination Units

    2 choices
    From £254.97
  6. comfort-height-toilet-basin-suites

    Comfort Height Toilet & Basin Suites

    1 choices
    From £254.97