Architeckt Boden Bathroom Taps

The Architeckt Boden range of taps are a great combination of sleek design and value for money. With easy-to-use "stick" handles they are a great choice for those who want stylish bathroom taps but don't have the grip strength to deal with smaller handle styles. However, they are just as popular as a pure style choice with everyone else.

These taps aren’t just easy to use because of their handles. Since they are single-lever taps, you can adjust the temperature and the flow of the water with one lever. This means the tap can be operated one-handed, great for times when your hands are full. Plus, when you have dirty hands, you can nudge the tap on using the back of your hand.

Two taps are available in this range: a basin mixer tap and a high-rise basin mixer tap. A standard basin tap can be used for regular basins. High-rise taps have taller bodies, making them suitable for countertop basins.

They feature chrome finishes to match your existing furnishings and will suit many colour schemes. What’s more, their rounded design gives them a softer and more versatile appearance.

Made from solid brass, the taps are sturdy and designed to stand the test of time, being resistant to both corrosion and hot water damage. Easily withstanding wear and tear, you can rest assured that they’ll last for years. If that’s not enough, they also come with a very reassuring 5-year guarantee against manufacturer defects.

Flexible tails make installation nice and straightforward, ensuring your new taps will be fitted and ready to use in no time at all.

Architeckt products are designed to be stylish but affordable pieces for any bathroom. Plumbworld sell a wide selection of Architeckt bathroom taps to meet your household’s requirements. We also supply a range of basin mixer taps across many different brands, so you’re certain to find an option that’s right for you.

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