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Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers

Aqualisa Quartz New & Improved

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers provided a ground-breaking advancement in showering and stays one of Aqualisa'a most popular products today. The thermostatically controlled water blending system provides safe and powerful showering (and bathing) at the touch of a button from a remote control unit that can be situated up to 10m away. Perfect for family bathrooms or bathrooms where safe temperature control is paramount, i.e. disabled, elderly or infirm users. The twin outlet models in the range permit you to effortlessly redirect water between bath and shower heads.

  1. high-pressure-combi-aqualisa-quartz-digital-showers

    High Pressure / Combi Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers

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    From £463.50
  2. gravity-fed-pumped-aqualisa-quartz-digital-showers

    Gravity Fed / Pumped Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers

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    From £579.99
  3. aqualisa-quartz-digital-valves-controllers

    Aqualisa Quartz Digital Valves & Controllers

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    From £64.98