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900mm Pivot Shower Door Enclosures

Shower in style with our luxurious range of 900mm pivot shower doors. Do you want more space? Do you want something cost-effective, functional and low-maintenance? Do you want to make taking a shower easier? Then you should consider shower enclosures with pivot doors from one of our top featured brands. Relax as your new chrome-finished aluminium shower door sparkles with luxurious style, giving you more space to get in and out of the shower, keeping water off the floor and adding to that hot contemporary look you’ve been dreaming of. Engineered with dedication and with practicality and style in mind, the pivot shower door swings outwards on its hinges to increase the available space as you get in and out of your shower sanctuary. Designed for alcoves, or with a side panel, the high-quality and fantastic value tempered-glass shower doors come with exceptional warranties, precision designs and unbeatable aesthetics to become the perfect package of luxury, style and functionality. With either 6mm or 4mm glass, and in a range of heights to suit your needs, our long-lasting and perfectly pristine pivot shower doors are just the thing you’ve been missing.