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700mm Pivot Shower Door Enclosures

Do you often wish you had more space when getting in to and out of your shower? Do you long for a low-maintenance, sleek look with high functionality? Don’t worry, we do too! Which is why we have a dedicated range of shower enclosures with pivot doors to make your life that little bit easier while adding a sparkle of style. A sanctuary of relaxation and cleanliness, the bathroom is the secret heart of any home so space, style and superior functionality are important things to consider. The precision-engineered, tempered glass doors are available in high-quality aluminium or silicone designs and fully reversible options are available, allowing you to choose to which side the door opens on so you can best utilise your bathroom space. With a range of thicknesses, heights and show-stopping styles from top brands Luxura and Kinedo, the aesthetic quality is only outweighed by the effective designs, keeping bathroom floors free from leakage and ensuring you have the best shower experience possible.