This pumped electric shower from Triton is designed to be used in situations where the mains water supply has a low pressure, is unreliable or simply non-existent. This means that a standard electric shower will be useless, but a pumped version can give you all the benefits that a standard electric shower would normally give you.

So solve your shower problems with this high-performance unit that is fed from your cold water tank, which is capable of being a little as 80mm above the shower unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Finished with a white and chrome effect across the unit, hose, riser rail and other sections.
  • Temperature control is handled by a numbered dial so you can easily fine tune your perfect temperature.
  • Select between economy, cold, full and medium power.
  • Features a ‘power on’ indicator and a separate start/stop button so temperature and power controls can be left as set.
  • Includes a variable 3000 series 3 spray showerhead.
  • Covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Technical Information:

  • Compatible with a cold water tank supply only and must not be connected to the mains cold water supply.
  • Minimum running pressure: 1 Bar at 8 litres per minute.
  • Power rating: 8.5kW.
  • Only for surface mounting.
  • Cable entry points are located at the top, bottom, and back of the right-hand side of the shower unit.
  • Inlet connection uses 15mm compression.
CE Approved


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Triton T80si Pumped Electric Shower 8.5kW

£194.02 (Inc. VAT)

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Triton T80si Pumped Electric Shower 8.5kW Reviews

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4.7/ 5
35 reviews
  • Jazlene Mcclure
    5/ 5

    Having unreliable water pressure the Triton T80si Pumped shower has saved the day, easy to install and delivers a great flow rate considering its only 8.5kw, its so nice to be able to shower trouble free,this is a much better shower than are conventional electric shower and gives a much better flow of water, if you have water pressure problems this will solve them, only down side is the noise of the pump could do with being a little quieter but small price to pay for a great problem solver.

  • Garrett Gibbs
    5/ 5

    After many years of weak flow rate and checking if anyone was in the shower prior to ;flushing the toilet ,using the dishwasher , washing machine is great to just get on with things knowing the Triton will continue to run at consistent flow and temperature .More than impressed with the constant stream of hot water delivered at a first class flow rate .I recommend it to anyone who has suffered the same problem.I had a plumber fit it to ensure maximum benefit.

  • ivan
    5/ 5

    The delivery was quick , which saved the customer waitng for her replacement shower . There was already one of the same already fitted , and this was just a replacement for that . It is the ideal shower for flats when the water pressure is low , and you havnt got mains pressure , and you always get a well built shower from Triton . Very pleased with the speed it was delivered , and the product .

  • Javier Flynn
    5/ 5

    With my old shower having died peacefully on a cold winters morning! My emergency plumber explained that due to a very low water pressure a specific type of shower was needed to improve and replace it! Eureka! Plumbworld to the rescue, the Triton T80si Pumped 8.5kw was the answer with its built in widget mojo pump thingy we are all now keen & clean again, happy days ;-)

  • Ev
    5/ 5

    I found this shower very easy to install, I chose it as the entry points for the water feed and electric were the same as the old one. the water feed is a simple push fit connection. note that this is not a power shower but one that has a pump that assists the water flow from the cold water tank. it should not be connected directly to mains water pressure.

  • Showerlover123
    5/ 5

    A great shower if you have pathetic water pressure gets hot quick and the pump isnt to loud and compared with other units it provides good quality at a very low price for a pumped unit. Anyway listen im not much for this typing nonsence but if you buy this shower you wont go far wrong.

  • joychas
    5/ 5

    this item was ordered from your website, the site was easy to use and the product arrived in good condition and promptly . we had this unit before but needed a replacement so knew we would be satisfied ,we were not disappointed . from a very satisfied customer