Standard Bathroom Mirrors

  1. Ceramica Frosted Edge Mirror

    Ceramica Frosted Edge Mirror

  2. Ceramica Round Edge Mirror

    Ceramica Round Edge Mirror

  3. Ceramica Frosted Square Mirror

    Ceramica Frosted Square Mirror

  4. Ceramica Bevelled Edge Mirror

    Ceramica Bevelled Edge Mirror

  5. Hib Alfera Mirror

    Hib Alfera Mirror

  6. Hib Emma Mirror

    Hib Emma Mirror

  7. Hib Joshua Mirror

    Hib Joshua Mirror

  8. Hib Tapio Mirror

    Hib Tapio Mirror

  9. Hib Willow Mirror

    Hib Willow Mirror


Hib Willow Mirror

Mirror fits exactly in the space. Looks great. Love the bevelled edges.