Shower Heads & Shower Handsets

Shower heads and shower handsets come in a huge variety of designs. The first thing to understand is the difference between the two: A shower head is fixed to the wall and fed by a rigid pipe, which can either be exposed (in front of the wall) or concealed (behind the wall) A shower handset is movable and is fed by a flexible shower hose. It is fixed to the wall when not in use by attachment to a riser rail. The shower handset, shower hose and riser rail are collectively referred to as a shower kit. In all cases, they may be for a specific shower brand, e.g. Mira, Aqualisa or Triton or they may be universal and designed to work with any shower.

  1. Universal Shower Handsets

    From £2.97
    with 10 choices

    Universal Shower Handsets
  2. Universal Shower Heads

    From £19.97
    with 21 choices

    Universal Shower Heads
  3. Universal Shower Kits

    From £13.97
    with 7 choices

    Universal Shower Kits
  4. Mira Shower Handsets

    From £16.19
    with 16 choices

    Mira Shower Handsets
  5. Mira Shower Kits

    From £45.03
    with 10 choices

    Mira Shower Kits
  6. Triton Shower Heads

    From £40.03
    with 2 choices

    Triton Shower Heads
  7. Triton Shower Handsets

    From £5.97
    with 3 choices

    Triton Shower Handsets
  8. Triton Shower Kits

    From £29.97
    with 2 choices

    Triton Shower Kits
  9. Aqualisa Shower Kits

    From £86.40
    with 3 choices

    Aqualisa Shower Kits
  10. Mira Shower Heads

    From £63.34
    with 1 choices

    Mira Shower Heads
  11. Clearance Shower Heads

    From £2.97
    with 9 choices

    Clearance Shower Heads


Mira Response RF1 Adjustable Mode Shower Head Grey / White

Replacement shower head

Have been looking for a showerhead for ages, and this one works very well. I was concerned that flow wouldnt be powerful enough with my 1bar pressure pump, but i have no complaints. Works very well, and at the fabulous price from plumbworld, its a no brainer to buy this one.


Mira Response Shower Fittings Kit - White/Chrome

Great Quality Mira Shower Kit

After purchasing several shower kits from local DIY stores, I bit the bullet and bought a good quality (but very reasonably priced) Mira kit from Plumbworld. What a fantastic good quality item, and I recommend it to all potential purchasers.

John R

Mira Response RF1 Adjustable Mode Shower Head Chrome / Dark Grey

i've had it before

this is the third shower head I have used on this shower. So every four years is about the life I get out of them. Well worth the cost for a product that really does the job

Sadie Matthews

Mira Logic Adjustable Mode Shower Head Chrome

Perfect replacement

Ordered this shower head as my husband had bought a new wall fitting to replace our old white Mira slider. This is the perfect finish to our new rail and works wonderfully.


Mira Logic Full Shower Kit Chrome


Purchased to replace a mira white shower rail & shower head the plastic had gone an off white colour. An exact replacement that fitted well