Podium Raised Rectangular Non-Slip Shower Tray 1000 x 760mm with Waste

15 reviews

£189.00 (Inc. VAT)

Expected - 04/06/24




What's Included:

  • Shower tray
  • 1 x 90mm Waste
  • Riser kit containing:
  • 2 x 1225mm straight panels
  • 3 x Panel joining brackets
  • 8 x Feet
  • 6 x Panel upright brackets & hook and loops
  • 8 x Circular base plates & adhesive pads
  • 4 x Floor fixing brackets
  • Screws

Key Features:

  • Easy plumb raised shower tray with waste
  • 65% lighter than stone resin trays
  • Built-in anti-slip technology
  • Made in the UK
  • WRAS approved shower tray
  • 25 year guarantee for peace of mind

Discover our exclusive range of Podium raised non-slip shower trays, meticulously crafted right here in the UK for the ultimate quality and durability. This raised shower tray is made up of a low profile Podium shower tray combined with a riser kit, creating a safe and durable tray that is perfect for shower enclosures.

podium raised shower tray lightweight construction

Exclusive to Plumbworld

Exclusive to Plumbworld and made in the UK, Podium Shower Trays incorporate groundbreaking technology while remaining an affordable option for all shower enclosures. They're strong, lightweight, and have a class-leading anti-slip surface for added safety.

65% Lighter than a Stone Resin Tray

Unlike stone resin shower trays, our collection of Podium trays are incredibly lightweight, meaning one person can easily and safely lift and install these shower trays.

Built-In Anti-Slip Technology

Tested using the UK Gold Standard, HSE approved, BS 7976:2 Pendulum Slip Test, these Podium Trays achieve a score of 71, more than double the required standard of 35. This is down to the built-in textured surface. It's not sprayed on and won't need replacing, just cleaning, like an ordinary tray.

podium shower tray anti slip surface

Cut To Fit

Podium shower trays can be easily cut to a shape which means a Podium tray can be installed in locations that simply couldn’t be done before!

Universal Compatibility

Put your mind at ease because these easy plumb shower trays have been carefully designed to work flawlessly with all brands of shower enclosure glass screens.

WRAS Approved

All Podium Shower Trays conform to British and Unified European Standards and are made in England. They are manufactured with 100% WRAS Approved phthalate-free materials.

The Strongest, Toughest Shower Tray You Can Buy

The patented construction of the Podium shower tray uses the latest high-tech materials taken from Formula One motor racing and the aerospace industry to create the strongest and most durable shower tray available. Pictured here with a 44-tonne lorry driving over it, the tray remains completely undamaged.

podium shower waste

Complete With High-Flow Waste

The included Hi-Flow Waste enables water to flow from the shower tray at a rate of 32 litres per minute.

  • Standard 40mm connection
  • A flow of 32 litres per minute
  • A unique vented dome on the waste allows a high flow of water to pass through
  • An inner unit allows a quick-release
  • Also includes an offset elbow for ease of installation
  • Size of waste: 90mm
  • Complies with BSEN1329/1:2000 and BSEN1451/1:2000 standards


Technical Drawings



Podium Raised Rectangular Non-Slip Shower Tray 1000 x 760mm with Waste Specifications
Type Easy Plumb
Shape Rectangular
Tray Longest Side 1000 mm
Tray Shortest Side 760 mm
Height 140 mm
Upstand Option 0
Material Acrylic capped ABS
Anti-Slip Yes
Waste Included Yes
Colour White

Podium Raised Rectangular Non-Slip Shower Tray 1000 x 760mm with Waste


£189.00 (Inc. VAT)

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15 Product Reviews

  • Reviews for this product

    5/ 5
    David Blood

    brought this tray because it could be cut to size,which it did easily with a diamond cutting disc on my angle grinder.looks great and the anti slip surface feels really good

  • Reviews for other options

    5/ 5
    Mark Booth reviewed Podium Raised 1700 x 700mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    I replaced a bath with this shower tray ,I needed to turn my bathroom into a wet room for wheelchair access unfortunately due to being a ground floor bathroom with a small drop for drainage,this was the best option available, easy to fit even for a diyer

  • 5/ 5
    Sharon Mellor reviewed Podium Raised 1200 x 700mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    This item arrived quickly. It is very sturdy and solid even though thin in appearance the 12 legs make us feel very safe and secure and the anti slip surface Makes us feel safe too. All in all a very good surface and product.

  • 5/ 5
    Jamie Fitch reviewed Podium Raised 900 x 800mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    Really good shower tray , plumber commented on quality , been in for a couple of weeks now no issues at all , would definitely recommend

  • 5/ 5
    Wendel Corrigan reviewed Podium Raised 1400 x 800mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    All that we hoped. Really is non-slip yet still easy to clean. Looks brilliant! Plumber was pleased too. No doubts in recommending

  • 5/ 5
    Alastair reviewed Podium Raised 900 x 800mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    I needed the space underneath to get plumbing and this was perfect. Great product and easy to install

  • 5/ 5
    karl reviewed Podium Raised 1600 x 700mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    anti slip texture fitted all ready and this item can go straight to the floor if required

  • 5/ 5
    Dave Martin reviewed Podium Raised 900 x 800mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    Got the anti slip as this was for an elderly person, she is delighted with it

  • 5/ 5
    Susan reviewed Podium Raised 1700 x 700mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    Wide, large, stylish. So many positive comments from family and friends.

  • 5/ 5
    Kathleen Watson reviewed Podium Raised 1700 x 750mm Non-Slip Shower Tray with Waste

    Much better than expected the anti slip is a good feature

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