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Don’t Forget your Wastes and Traps!

It’s easy to forget the smaller things when you’re looking to design a bathroom fitted with the latest shower enclosure or freestanding bath, but every part – regardless of its size – plays a vital role in ensuring your bathroom operates to the best of its ability. For example, a shower isn’t complete without a decent waste while basins can also benefit through high quality wastes and bottle traps. Here at Plumworld we only stock the best of everything, so we even put a lot of effort into ensuring that even the tiniest waste is of the best quality to keep you, the customer, as happy as larry..

  1. Basin Wastes

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    Basin Wastes
  2. Kitchen Sink Wastes

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    Kitchen Sink Wastes
  3. Bath Wastes

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    Bath Wastes
  4. Shower Wastes

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  5. Waste Packs

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  6. Standpipes

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  7. Clearance Wastes & Traps

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    Clearance Wastes & Traps


White Domed 50mm Shower Waste

easiest and quickest

on converting my bathroom to a wet room i have ordered items from various companies on the in the northern isles delivery charges were sometimes double the cost of the item ordered however with plumbworld my order was quickly despatched at a very reasonable delivery charge.i received the exact item required in the matter of two days. i would recommend plumbworld to anyone for a good quality product and fast efficient service

Jaqueline Barton

Essentials Basin and Pop-Up Bath Waste Pack

The product was as expected, I had searched for the product to match what I was replacing, several outlets tried to provide a replacement which was not what I asked for. The service from plumbworld was above expectation and the price was well below the offered alternatives. Delivery was very prompt. Plumbworld will be my first search in future why waste time looking at second best.

stevie g

Franke Siphon 2 Double Bowl Waste Kit

Not a waste!

Upon opening the box I was at first afraid that I had bought something overly complex and difficult to assemble, but after a small period of head scratching I was able to fit the waste kit easily. It is an excellent arrangement and really does save a great deal of cupboard space by neatly positioning the waste pipes and U-bend right at the back of the cupboard.

Kenny Vazquez

Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap Waste

Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap Waste

I don't normally leave reviews but I was particularly pleased with this product. I Replaced the existing shower trap waste as the shallow shower tray was filling up with water from high flow power shower and not draining quickly enough causing leaks from the shower tray. The Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap Waste drains the water away a lot quicker and the shower tray no longer fills up. it just about copes with the amount of water while the shower is running but clears the water completely almost immediately you turn the shower off whereas the other waste was still draining for a while after. It is as it says, a High Flow Shower Waste and would recommend it for use with a power shower or shallow shower tray. As the Shower tray no longer fills up with water which minimises the chance of leaks. The down side and the reason for only 4 stars is there isn't any hair trap in the waste to prevent hair going down the drain.

Dermot Neafcy

Typhoon Vortex 50mm Self Cleaning Shower Waste

Excellent shower waste

This shower waste really does do what is says on the tin. The water gathers in the tray (about 25mm deep) and then the vortex forms in the tray and seems to actively suck the water out of the tray. This process repeats whilst showering. I have a 3 bar pump and a shallow tray and even with the shower on maximum flow this trap copes admirably with the water,

Sara Fields