Easy Plumb Shower Trays

If you’ve got a floor in your bathroom where it isn’t possible to install a waste underneath the floorboard then you need to get yourself an easy plumb shower tray. They’re designed to have legs and panels fitted around the bottom of them to raise them up and allow a waste to be conveniently fitted, not something that possibly is you have a concrete floor. They work just the same as any other type of shower tray and come in a whole host of different shapes and sizes so you can ensure you get just the right fit in your new bathroom. They’re even available as quadrant and offset quadrant trays! Our easy plumb shower trays are quick to install and allow you to have a full shower enclosure where you might not have been able to have one previously.

  1. easy-plumb-square-shower-trays

    Easy Plumb Square Shower Trays

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  2. Easy Plumb Shower Tray - Rectangular

    Easy Plumb Rectangular Shower Trays

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  3. easy-plumb-quadrant-shower-trays

    Easy Plumb Quadrant Shower Trays

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  4. easy-plumb-offset-quadrant-shower-trays

    Easy Plumb Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

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