Cramer Professional Profiling Kit 7

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whats included

What's included: 

  • 5 Tools - 16 different ways of use:
  • 1 x 180°C angle
  • 1 x 90°C angle
  • 4 x 45°C angle (16, 10, 8, 5mm)
  • 3 x concave grooves (r = 5, 10, 15mm)
  • 7 x convex shapes (30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 8, 6 x 3mm)
  • Swallow-tail tool for tight corners and hard to reach areas
  • Stripping knife
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Easy to use

By holding the applicator so that it fits seamlessly to the wall and floor, slight pressure is applied so the flexible cutting edges fit well into the wall angle. Always use the absolutely smooth edge for spreading. Work step by step, by only doing short distances. Should the sealant go above the applicator, stop spreading, and clean the applicator with a household paper towel.

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Multiple uses

All pastes, silicone, acrylic and polyurethane can be applied as a sealant, and flexible grouts are able to be formed with the Cramer applicator, paying attention to the Manufacturer's instructions.

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Application on all surfaces

If your surfaces are a little rough, do not worry! This Cramer applicator can be used on all surfaces, smooth, rough, or even ones with little bumps in them. Please note, when working on uneven surfaces you may need to push a little harder to make sure you receive a clean finish.

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Hard to reach areas

Suitable for hard to reach areas

For those who are applying sealant in hard to reach areas and tight corners, there is a swallow-tail tool in this Cramer Applicator kit, to help get those clean-cut lines that you desire. 

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Stripping knife included

If you have old silicone or caulk that needs removing then this kit includes a handy stripping knife to help you get it easily removed ready for a fresh fill.

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This multifunctional tool can be used for many flexible sealants and caulks, so there's no need to buy lots of different tools as you have everything you need within this kit!

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Cramer Professional Profiling Kit 7 Video


Cramer Professional Profiling Kit 7

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119 Product Reviews

  • Mr F Glenister
    5/ 5

    IMHO Fugi applicators give the best looking finnish to mastic sealant. The best approach seems to be to apply excess sealant and then remove the excess in stages. My personal preference is to apply a 10mm 45 degree bead. To achieve this, I apply sealant and then work my way down using the 16, 14, 12 and then 10 mm angles. Wipe excess sealant off the Fugis frequently using kitchen towel or similar. This forces the sealant into the joint and gives an excellent overall finish. It does use more sealant but sealant is cheap and one looks at the finish almost every day. The sledge attachments are used to avoid a dip in the sealant when Fugis are used across the grout line on tiles. One caveat is that the 45 degree angles are designed to work with surfaces that are exactly at right angles to each other. This is rarely the case with walls and worktops or tiles and baths. The curved finishes work better with walls of different angles but personally I prefer the 45 degree finish. I use the Fugis in conjuction with a set of similar tools available on a large online retailers website. They are not as well made as the Fugis but they do have applicators for angles both smaller and larger than right angles. Together has been possible to get a professional finish in every situation that I have encountered in domestic bathrooms and kitchens. Note: A common mistake is to apply beads of sealant that are too small. These can break away easily and lead to water damage to the rear edge of kitchen worktops, behind and below baths etc. Larger sealant beads are more noticeable but work and last much better.

  • Wesley Myers
    5/ 5

    The job is almost complete and it's just that silicone sealer touch to finish off the edges,remember,steady hand,constant pressure on the gun,masking tape and soapy water at the ready.Well forget some of them and invest in a Fugi Applicator Kit. All you need is the the silicone gun and a Fugi,no skill required and first class results every time.The edges and corners all sealed with ease.My first use was to seal between a new ceramic tiled floor and the plinths of the kitchen units.The Fugi gives a clean and even line in a selection of widths and profiles simply,quickly and cleanly.Your friends will say how did you do that.It even gives clean straight seal line between tiles at rightangles With the Fugi kit silicone sealing is so quick,easy and gives everyone proffessional results

  • John Watson
    5/ 5

    I bought this after seeing Charlie DIYte raving about it on his YouTube video. I already have a Fugenboy tool which is similar to this that I was pleased with that but could see the extra advantages of this Cramer tool set whilst watching the video. The guide to span the tile grout lines is particularly useful. The only thing that I would caution against is using the saw tooth tool to remove old silicone because if, like me, you are not in complete control of it you can scratch other surfaces very easily. I resorted to using a sharp wood chisel to remove the rest of the old silicone.

  • AAH
    5/ 5

    Extremely competitively priced at Plumbworld. A must have for a very professional finish. Various profiles and sizes. Results were remarkable! I'd highly recommend this product, especially for all DIY sealant jobs around the home. Easily cleaned. Reduces silicone waste too. Really no mess...and hassle free to use. Handy box to keep profile tools clean, accessible and damage free! One of the many items I've purchased from Plumbworld. Definitely the one stop shop for all homeowners! Don't waste your time online. Just go directly to Plumbworld everytime!

  • Emmett Landry
    5/ 5

    I've always thought of myself as skilled with a cartridge gun and sealant - how wrong I was! Fugi's are simple to use and provide a high quality finish that makes a good job look outstanding! It's amazing how customers notice the quality of the sealant finish before they notice anything else. One of my friends is a double glazier of 20 years and even he was surprised how easy Fui's are to use and the qualtiy of the finish!

  • Kenny Vazquez
    5/ 5

    The only way to get a professional finish with silicone is to use this kit, forget 'wetted' fingers, masking tape and all the other rubbish that people have told you, this kit, if used correctly, will give a finish that only professional can obtain, without the mess which is normally associated with silicone. As a professional installer of bathrooms and sanitary ware, I would not consider any other method.

  • PC
    5/ 5

    I've always used a wet finger to finish off the profile and wasted lots of sealant and paper towel. The Cramer Profiling kit works really well, it provides a very even smooth finish and allows you to patch over areas while the sealant is wet. I wish I'd bought a set years ago. It cleans off excess sealant from tiles and floor and the tools wipe off easily with newspaper and final rub with paper towel.

  • Serenity Gould
    5/ 5

    As bathroom fitters, we do alot of siliconing. The standard of our installations is high and our customers expect a very high standard in our finishing....Using the fugi makes any silicone job neat and easy. It is very useful for difficult areas as the silicone can be neatly wiped away leaving a neat and tidy seal and finish. Once you use this product you will never use anything else for sealing..

  • Ian
    5/ 5

    As an amateur DIYer I used to dread using silicon sealant, however, having now used this Cramer kit that has all changed. This is an excellent kit and gave a professional finish with minimal mess. My only slight criticism is that I wish there were more tool options for ‘concave’ rounded fillets, they have a small and large tool but another middle (approx. 7mm) would be very useful.

  • Roy Thomas
    5/ 5

    Been a fugi user for almost 20 years, but with the addition of the clip on supports for gliding over the tile joints make the kit better than ever. Where have they been all this time, really well worth the investment if you want to provide a super first class finish to the silicone tile joint. If I lost the kit would have no hesitation in replacing it with another