Cramer Applicator Kit (3 Piece)

Cramer Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)

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whats included

What's Included:  

  • 3 Tools - 16 different ways of use:
  • 1 x 180°C angle
  • 1 x 90°C angle
  • 4 x 45°C angle (16, 10, 8, 5mm)
  • 3 x concave grooves (r = 5, 10, 15mm)
  • 7 x convex shapes (30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 8, 6 x 3mm)
  • Swallow-tail tool for tight corners and hard to reach areas
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Easy to use

By holding the applicator so that it fits seamlessly to the wall and floor, slight pressure is applied so the flexible cutting edges fit well into the wall angle. Always use the absolutely smooth edge for spreading. Work step by step, by only doing short distances. Should the sealant go above the applicator, stop spreading, and clean the applicator with a household paper towel.

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Multiple uses

All pastes, silicone, acrylic and polyurethane can be applied as a sealant, and flexible grouts are able to be formed with the Cramer applicator, paying attention to the Manufacturer's instructions.

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Application on all surfaces

If your surfaces are a little rough, do not worry! This Cramer applicator can be used on all surfaces, smooth, rough, or even ones with little bumps in them. Please note, when working on uneven surfaces you may need to push a little harder to make sure you receive a clean finish.

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Hard to reach areas

Suitable for hard to reach areas

For those who are applying sealant in hard to reach areas and tight corners, there is a swallow-tail tool in this Cramer Applicator kit, to help get those clean-cut lines that you desire. 

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CE Approved

Cramer Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece) Video

Cramer Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece) 360 Image



Cramer Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)


£18.99 (Inc. VAT)

Stock status: In Stock

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22 Product Reviews

  • Reviews for this product

    Bruce Kirby
    5/ 5

    This is an excellent tool - forget the plastic scrapers and gouges you see at other shops, forget wetting a finger, this does a really easy and tidy job. Initially it looks espensive, but probably costs less than I have spent on lesser tools to do the same job. Save the messing, get one of these from the start. In the kit there are a number of edges that can be used according to the gap you are filling - curves, angles, even a little hump to seal an otherwise flat surface. You use it by applying the sealer, pressing this tool into the corner and dragging it along the join while pushing it in. Just keep an eye on the amount it is skimming off - you don't want it overflowing. Ideally you need to apply just enough sealer for there to be some to remove.You also need kitchen roll to hand to remove excess from the tool. It only takes a few mins to get the hang of it, then nice tidy joints are a doddle. Is there a down side? It is a little too big to get behind my bath taps!

  • Killian Mack
    5/ 5

    Creating a smooth professional looking silicon joint is really, really difficult. I have never managed to do it ... until now, thanks to the fugi kit. I bought it because I was impressed by the reviews, and the video on You Tube. It seems a bit expensive for three small pieces of plastic, but it does work and I could not have done without it. There is a cheaper alternative from Unibond but there is only one tool (similar to one of the three in the fugi set) but it provides fewer angles and options, in particular if you have to deal with tight spaces (such as behind a sink tap).

  • pbrine
    5/ 5

    Picked these up after my plumber recommended them for getting a proper professional finish on our bath (silicone sealant needed replacing). Honestly I made a complete hash of it the first time using these, no fault of the tool, just the user (me) not knowing which sides to use. After ripping the first lot out and repeating with a better technique it came up looking pretty good. Like anything this can be a bit tricky to master, suggest trying first using a cardboard box with low sidings to practice your technique before unleashing your enthusiasm on your bath-tiling etc!

  • Ryker David
    5/ 5

    Ordered Fugi kit, order arrived very promptly. I was reall impressed This piece of kit makes achieving a professional finish very easy for most DIY'rs. The cost of buying the fugi kit has been covered by the saving in silicon. No need to tape, no mess. Great. Never new siliconing could be so easy Thanks guys , will recommnend this to all my friends Silicon Sam the Fugi Man

  • George Neish
    5/ 5

    I am absolutely delighted with the purchase of this excellent Applicator it is not only excellent quality but also it was an excellent service I received from your company and a really good price to pay for this item thank you so much it’s very much appreciated thanks again.

  • Mark
    5/ 5

    I’m not one to exaggerate, or over dramatise, but this bit of kit is great. Perfect to tool up the silicone around baths and showers, leaving a perfect smooth even silicone bead. Much neater than the ‘wet finger’ trick, and an essential item in my tool tray.

  • jimjim
    5/ 5

    This product is brilliant. Its the best money I have ever spent. Used it to finish off my Kitchen. Its given all the masking a professional finish. Its so easy to use and its wipe clean too. I would highly reccomend it.

  • Elizabeth Andrade
    5/ 5

    Very quick and easy to buy and the delviery was quick to. Very easy to use, i'm not a professional and produced a very good finish (enough the wife thought it was good enough!!)

  • redboxer
    5/ 5

    Interesting product,very simple.First time I used it I was amazed at how easy it was to use and get a decent finnish.Best I have used.

  • Bruce
    5/ 5

    Rapid delivery.Inever thought that using silicone sealant could be so easy,I should have bought one of these long ago

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