Bristan Glee Electric Showers

The Bristan Glee Electric Showers can be customized for every shower user’s needs. The showers have digital temperature displays alongside several other cool features such as phased shutdown and warm up mode for safer showering. Multiple water and electrical entry points ensure an easier retro-installation of the showers over the footprint of your old shower. They’re designed to run off a cold water feed meaning you won’t have to provide a hot inlet into it and they come complete with an adjustable riser kit which includes everything you need; the hose, hose retainer, the handset and a soap dish.

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  2. Bristan Glee 3 Electric Shower 8.5 KW White - GLE385 W

  3. Bristan Glee Electric Shower 10.5kW White - GLE3105 W

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    Bristan Glee 3 Electric Shower 10.5kW Black - GLE3105 B

  5. Bristan Glee Electric Shower 9.5kW White - GLE395 W

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