Bathroom Spotlights

Create Stunning Focal Points In Your Bathroom

Highlight the bits of your bathroom that you love the most with a gorgeous set of Bathroom Spotlights. Great lighting is the key to making your bathroom feel bigger and more spacious or alternatively smaller and cosier depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve. Most of our Bathroom Spotlights can be individually angled for optimum light coverage of darker areas or precisely positioned for more ambient lighting, they also come in a range of finishes to allow a perfect match with your bathroom accessories.

  1. Forum Felix Bubble LED Spotlight Bathroom Light

  2. Forum Milan 3 Light Bathroom Light

  3. Forum Scorpius 3 Spotlight Bathroom Light Fitting

    Best Seller!

    Forum Scorpius 3 Spotlight Bathroom Light Fitting

  4. Forum Felix 3 Light Bubble Bathroom Light

  5. Forum Milan 4 Light Bar Bathroom Light

  6. Forum Scorpius 4 Spotlight Bathroom Light Fitting

  7. Forum Felix 4 Light Bubble Bar Bathroom Light