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Bathroom Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are a popular choice of covering for your floor due to the fact they are strong and durable and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Whether you're looking for a soft minimalist shade of a grey or a striking black patterned stone, we're sure you'll find the floor tiles for you in our collection. Firstly choose what colour you desire from Beige, Brown, Grey and Black and then next comes the design. Do you go bold and create a feature or soft and subtle to complement your decor? The choice is up to you! Whatever you decide to go for, we're sure you'll be more than happy with the floor tiles you select.

  1. white-bathroom-floor-tiles

    White Bathroom Floor Tiles

    14 choices
    From £24.97
  2. beige-bathroom-floor-tiles

    Beige Bathroom Floor Tiles

    28 products
    From £1.20
  3. brown-bathroom-floor-tiles

    Brown Bathroom Floor Tiles

    13 choices
    From £24.99
  4. grey-bathroom-floor-tiles

    Grey Bathroom Floor Tiles

    58 products
    From £1.20
  5. black-bathroom-floor-tiles

    Black Bathroom Floor Tiles

    18 products
    From £24.99
  6. bathroom-tile-samples

    Bathroom Tile Samples

    36 products
    From £1.20
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