Bath Mixer Taps

When it comes to bath taps should you go for one or two? Bath Mixer Taps are a great solution as they allow the functionality of two bath taps to combine into one easy to use unit. The bath is where being able to make the tiniest tweak to water temperatures really makes a difference and selecting the right bathroom taps, like these bath mixers is a worthwhile investment.

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  2. Architeckt Malmo Bath Mixer Tap

  3. Architeckt Motala Bath Mixer Waterfall Tap

  4. Architeckt Boden Bath Mixer Tap

  5. Merano Laguna Bath Mixer Tap

  6. Architeckt Misa Bath Mixer Tap

  7. Architeckt Osmo Bath Mixer Tap

  8. Architeckt Lulea Bath Mixer Tap

  9. Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Mixer Tap

  10. Architeckt Edsberg Bath Mixer Waterfall Tap

  11. Architeckt Skara Bath Mixer Tap

  12. Aqualisa Midas Deck Mounted Bath Filler - CB.DBF.19

  13. Architeckt Ibbardo Square Bath Mixer Tap

  14. Architeckt Dakota Bath Mixer Waterfall Tap

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    Architeckt Dakota Bath Mixer Waterfall Tap

  15. Bristan Pisa Bath Filler Chrome - PS2 BF C

  16. Merano Lago Bath Mixer Tap

  17. Merano Angolo Bath Mixer Tap

  18. Merano Curva Bath Mixer Tap

  19. Architeckt Dakota Bath Mixer Waterfall Tap - Black Finish

  20. Merano Cappella Bath Mixer Tap - Chrome Finish

  21. Merano Oval Bath Mixer Tap

  22. Merano Cappella Bath Mixer Tap - Black Finish

  23. Bristan Nero Bath Filler Tap Chrome - NR BF C

  24. Bristan Clio Bath Filler Tap Chrome - CLI BF C

  25. Bristan Quadrato Bath Filler Chrome - QD BF C

  26. Grohe Eurocube Handle Bath Filler

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