Round Xpelair Extractor Fans

With Xpelair It's Easy To Put A Round Peg In A Round Hole

If you’ve got problems with misty bathrooms and inevitably too much moisture then one of our Round Xpelair Extractor Fan bathroom accessories is just what you need. Designs vary depending on how minimalistic you’d like to go and each fan can also be purchased with an installation kit. Having no bathroom extractor fan isn’t the only incentive either, if your existing bathroom extractor is loud this one of these will definitely make a difference to noise levels.

  1. Xpelair Simply Silent DX100TR Extractor Fan with Timer with Kit

  2. Xpelair Simply Silent C4TR 100mm Round Contour Extractor Fan with Timer

    Best Seller!

    Xpelair Simply Silent C4TRExtractor Fan with Timer

  3. Xpelair Simply Silent C4PR Extractor Fan with Pull Cord

  4. Xpelair Simply Silent C4R 100mm Round Contour Extractor Fan

  5. Xpelair Simply Silent C4HTR Extractor Fan