Shower Pumps

Shower Pumps To Improve Shower Performance

A shower pump can turn a dull morning wash into a memorable, invigorating shower experience that will completely blow you away. More stimulating power will result from a shower with a connected pump and not only will this help to freshen you up in the morning but it will also be the perfect way to relax after a stressful day at work. The only downside is that you’ll probably want to stay in the shower even longer than normal, so keep an eye on the clock to avoid wasting water. With the wide range of shower pumps available at Plumbworld, you get the best combination of quality and reliability on the market; all at an affordable price.

Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

Things To Consider When Buying A Shower Pump:

Deciding on the right pump for your shower system and requirements certainly isn’t an easy task; in fact, many people opt to have a professional in to sort it out. However, if you’re looking to do all the labour and work, you’ll want to bear the following things in mind before purchasing:

Position & Installation: Depending on where you plan to install your pump will define whether or not you need it to fit in with a certain style or design scheme. If like most people you opt to fit it in the airing cupboard or near your water tank it will most likely be out of sight for the majority of the time. This means that you can place all of your concerns on features and compatibility as opposed to looks. However, if you plan on mounting the pump in a place that is on show, you may well want to ensure the colour and look of the pump fits in with the surrounding area. Obviously as pumps aren’t the most aesthetic bathroom items, we’d strongly recommending fitting it somewhere where you won’t be forced to look at it all the time.

Unrivalled Quality: All pumps from Plumbworld are built with quality in mind. All regulations are strictly adhered to and the manufacturing process ensures a high quality reliable pump is shipped out to you. All operating components in the pump are rigorously tested to make sure they stand up to the daily wear and tear that big families put them through. For added peace of mind, check the length of the guarantee included with a purchase of the pump; many range from 1 to 10 years.

Top Brands: Many people often feel safer and more assured when they buy from a reputable brand name in the industry and that’s why we make sure we have stock from the biggest names associated with shower pumps. Torrent, Stuart Turner, Salamander, Grundfos and Triton are just a few of the brands we stock in our comprehensive shower pump range. Buying a pump with any of these names on guarantees exceptional quality coupled with the latest pump technology. However, there are still smaller brands in the range with pumps that represent a terrific value for money; ideal for those who are budget conscious.

Compatibility: Understanding shower pumps and the different terms is certainly a necessity if you plan on doing it yourself. The difference between single and twin impeller as well as whether you need a positive or negative head all needs to be addressed:


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