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Wake Up To An Invigorating Shower

Many people consider the shower to be the single most important feature in the bathroom and considering its daily role in the life of most families, this is completely understandable. It’s responsible for waking you up in the morning and relaxing you after a stressful day. In some respects your day can either be made or broken by the shower. That’s why it’s so important to choose a shower that leaves you feeling invigorated every time you step out. With the industry continually developing, Plumbworld have linked with the biggest shower manufacturers to ensure customers have access to the best and widest selection of showers possible.

What Shower Do You Need?

The majority of showers work perfectly on all plumbing systems within the home, however there are some types that will require a certain type of system. We have created a very handy infographic to help you choose the correct shower for your home, saving you a headache later

The Ultimate Electric Shower Guide

When it comes to choosing a new shower for your home, or even replacing an old one, you could just pick one that you like the look of. But is it really that simple? Over on our blog we have a guide that explains the ins and outs of choosing a shower. Whether that's an electric shower, a power shower or a trendy digital shower

What Type of Shower Pump Do I Need?

So you know you need a shower pump but you just don't know what type you need? Then this will be the perfect place to begin. We have carefully prepared a handy guide to help you choose the correct shower pump to suit all your showering needs. 

The 4 Most Amazing Showers in the World

As a bathroom retailer we really love showers, however its not always practical to install impressive waterfalls inside Britains bathrooms. That said we have tracked down what we think are 4 of the most amazing and beautiful showers in the world. 

The Glorious Benefits of Mixer Showers

Our content master Tom would probably tell you that mixer showers are created by wizards who fire magic to create this wonderous device that keeps us clean. The truth however is a very long way off so here we tell you exactly what a mixer shower is and does. 

mira logo

Mira Showers - Mira can trace their history back as far as 1921 where they began as Walker Crosweller & Co Ltd of London. Fast forward to today and they have grown to be one of the best known and innovative shower manufacturers in the world.

triton logo

Triton Showers - Triton have been at the centre of British bathrooms for more than 30 years. Starting from humble beginnings in a garage in Atherstone, Triton have risen through the ranks to bring the UK some of the most innovative showers available.

aqualisa logo

Aqualisa Showers - Famous for launching the first ever Digital Shower, Aqualisa have continued to produce showers of the highest quality since their launch in 1977.

grohe logo

Grohe - Grohe is the largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings in Europe and their name is synonymous around the world. With a rich history dating back as far as 1911, it is easy to see why their broad range of shower systems are so popular.

architeckt logo

Architeckt – The popular Architeckt range of products started life in 1999 and have since offered a wide range of quality showers to those looking to add some finishing touches to their bathrooms.  

Shower In Style

Showers don’t have to be ugly to be functional, not at all. In fact, with constant developments and new innovative technology emerging in the industry, showers are becoming even more attractive and stylish. This means that you can take pride in your shower and make it a focal point of your room if you are so inclined. Whether you want a regular shower in a certain colour to match your tiles, or you want a fixed head shower with a minimalist look to keep the attention on the rest of the room; we’ve got you covered. Plumbworld stocks a wide range of varying designs in different colours to ensure everyone can find the perfect shower for their bathroom at an affordable price.

Quality You Can Rely On

As most showers are used over three times a day, making sure you buy something that is reliable is certainly a priority on most people’s list. For many years we’ve worked with the biggest and best shower manufacturers to ensure we can bring you the most comprehensive range of quality showers on the market. With showers from renowned brands such as Mira, Triton and Aqualisa available, you know you’re in good hands from the start. Plumbworld also have a dedicated range of Architeckt showers for those people on a limited budget who don’t want to compromise on style and reliability. Unlike many own-brand showers from other retailers, these are designed to withstand the test of time thanks to a high quality construction in the valve cartridge and other integral components. Buy with confidence from Plumbworld and don't settle for an inferior shower.

A Shower For Every System

Buying a shower is never a simple thing. You first have to work out what shower will be compatible with your plumbing system at home, then you have to work out which will be the best to suit the requirements of you and your family. Mixer showers are ideal for most systems and provide a strong flow rate which can be increased by the addition of a shower pump. Digital mixer showers are also available and can be pumped or standard; these are often more expensive than the regular mixer shower. Power showers can be a good substitute for a mixer shower as it essentially has a built in pump to provide a more forceful spray; additional noise however is usually a trade off. An electric shower will suit virtually all systems as it only requires a cold mains supply and heats the water internally. The drawback is with wiring as some higher kilowatt versions require cabling to be upgraded. If you’re still struggling to work out which shower is right for your system, take a quick look at this shower guide we’ve produced to help you out.

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