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Small Baths

Small Baths - Save Space While Blissfully Soaking

When you have a small bathroom a bath can take up an awful lot of the small amount of space available to you. You could save space by simply having just a shower enclosure, but that would mean you have to give up those relaxing soaking sessions. We’ve fixed this problem by providing a range of baths that are smaller than your average bath with great space saving designs.

We recommend

Ceramica Curved Bath - 1500mm

Was £179.98

Saving £80


  • Ceramica Curved Bath - 1500mm
    Promotional Offer



  • Ceramica Square Bath - 1600mm
    Promotional Offer




Small Baths - What do we mean by a "Small Bath"?

Baths come in all shapes and sizes but in the UK a standard bath is 1700mm long. Anything longer than that is considered to be a large bath and anything smaller is a small bath. It is possible to get Japanese style baths as short as 1050mm long but most people find they are just too small to give a relaxing bath. For most people, if a 1600mm or 1500mm bath will fit in their bathroom,  this gives a good compromise between finding a bath small enough to fit, but remaining large enough to be enjoyed. If you can't fit a 1500mm bath into your room then perhaps it's time to put in a large shower enclosure instead. Better to have a large luxury shower than a tiny bath that makes you feel like a sardine squashed into a can! 




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